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Free php torrents autoblogging script


Free php torrents autoblogging script.

About the script.

Free php automatic torrent search script.
Free php torrents search engine cum autoblogging script to create your torrent download listing directory in a minute which is able to search and list millions of hot torrents from various categories like software (application), TV show, games, movies, amine, music, eBooks and many other. It also a full featured torrent (free hosted blogs) autoblogging script. The script can quickly subscribe your torrent listing to those blogs giving you quick traffic and backlinks and money. The script is built for mass autoblogging. Has inbuilt ads module. So once you setup your blogs it will quickly spread fresh hot torrent listing along with your ads to various blogs daily. It’s an automatic money making machine. Users can download over a billion files for various extensions in every possible categories for free. No database (mysql) support required. Easy one minute installer and solid backend admin panel included to customize your installation and monetize with proper ads. Disk caching enabled to serve maximum requests even on low powered free or shared hosting servers. Make money using ppc or any kind of ads. You can use this two in one script as a stand alone torrent listing site or mass torrent autoblogging or both. Required no manual efforts or work after setup.
Create as many blogs as you want to auto update with this script.
Just upload the script to any php hosting server and enter your user name, password to start autoposting. The script will post fresh contents to your blogger blogs.

So download and start your own thepiratebay clone bittorrent search directory for free today.

Download it.

All Features:

  • 1. 100% automatic. Mass autoblogging to free hosted blogs.

  • 2. Seo optimized keyword rich URL, Meta tags (keywords, description) and page generation. Search engines crawler friendly interlinked pages.

  • 3. Easy installation.

  • 4. Inbuilt various ads module for monetization.

  • 5. Auto ping. (Automatically pings your generated pages).

  • 6. Strong admin panel.

  • 7. Disk based database support, no sql db required.

  • 8. Disk caching.

  • 9. Very lightweight to serve maximum request.

  • 10. Customizable interface.

  • 11. Very user-friendly clear minimal user interface.

  • 12. It is absolutely free.

  • Installation Support:

    Upload the complete zip archive to your web server where you want to host if your web hosting support zip file extraction,
    or extract the contents of the zip file in any folder in your local computer and upload the whole folder or
    all the contents in the folder some where to your web server. To upload the files you can use any ftp clients like filezilla
    or your hosting providers inbuilt file manager.

    If you don't have a hosting account you can get it for just one cent
    Or you can get one free clustered web hosting account from facebook, just create a facebook app and choose there free hosting.
    Don't choose any other free web hosting except or


    Create as many blogs as you want to auto update with this script.
    Enter your i.e user name, password to start autoposting in your admin panel.

    If any help required please mail me at info [at] Mail Me.

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  1. Polecamy zarejestrować się i pobierać torrenty na Polskiej stronie z torrentami, udostępnione treści są darmowe wystarczy zarejestrować konto i można już pobierać torrenty



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