Thursday, 9 May 2013

Free autoblogging service on free hosted blogs.


Free autoblogger service.

We blog to make money, right?
We developed this app just to full fill that need automaticaly. This is a full feature free unique content human readable mass autoblogging service on the various free hosted blogs for making money and also for building back links to our main money sites. So that we can concentrate on other thing while this service make posts with our ads and back links for us.

It can post daily to your free hosted and blogs using xml-rpc and Google's gdata services. Actually the app can post to any services which have xml-rpc enabled but only and are implemented for beta testing. In future it will be a full featured free autoblogging service.

To make some money quick we choose to autoblog on torrent downloads niche for now. You know that download niche is very hot. We can make very good amount of money out of this niche from ads. Just grab some ppc or ads and put them to your posts (banner ads on top ads code box).

You probably know free hosted blogs usually get far more traffic than any other normal sites without any promotions (seo) because those are very authoritative sites. We can get huge amount of traffic collectively if we can mass post unique contents on these services. But posting manually writing manual posts is very cumbersome, time consuming and boring. If we work hard day and night, still we can’t be able to post to 100 blogs. That why we build this service which is able to update hundreds of blogs automatically.

Note this is a mass autoblogging drip feed service, to look natural in the eyes of the search engines we will randomly post to your blogs (remember Google hates spam blogs and content factories).

You can update as many blogs as you want. No setup is required on your server unlike any other autoblogging scripts or plug-in.

Just create a and a Google account and create some blogs there, then create your autoposting campaign logging in here with your account, put your and user names, passwords and the ad codes you want to use in your posts (top and bottom ad codes).

We also provided a blog name suggestion tool so that you don’t have to think about blog names when you create them, for fast blog creation.

Set up process will just take your few minutes in return you will get automatic money and valuable backlinks. If you create 100 blogs for autoposting, each blogs can make you at least $.25 per day after few days automatically (total 100X.25 = $25 per day). Which is really just nothing and all the backlinks are added bonus to it.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start making money. Start autoblogging.

This service is in beta testing phase, we are working hard to add new features thus we need your opinions and suggestions. Please mail us at info [at] giving your valuable suggestion. If you want to host this script to your free Google appengine hosting account please mail us, we will install it on your account. When we graduate to full feature autoblogging service we will notify you. Thank you.

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