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Automatic torrent download web site builder tool free


Free automatic torrent download portal web site builder tool to start your free profitable torrent download web site for free. This tool can build thousands of static pages containing various hot torrent download links with there full description from may categories like software application, games, tv show, musics, xxx, movies, anime books and others. Fully customizable template supported. Inbuilt various ads module provide to monetize your site (ppc, adsense, etc). As the generated pages are static so you can host it for free in various free services like, You can own your torrent portal investing nothing on hosting or script. This fully automated script can generate millions of unique torrent listing pages giving you fresh contents and traffic daily. This very light weight tool generates static pages which dose not uses any database so that you can install it any where even on free or low powered shared web hosting servers. You can monetize your installation with any kinds of ads. Make money using ppc, intext, cpa, pay per view, pay per download or any kind of ads.

All features.
1. 100% automatic.
2. Seo optimized keyword rich URL, Meta tags (keywords, description) and page generation. Search engines crawler friendly interlinked pages.
3. Easy installation.
4. Inbuilt various ads module for monetization.
5. Auto ping. (Automatically pings your generated pages).
6. Very lightweight to serve maximum request.
7. Customizable interface.
8. Very user-friendly clear minimal user interface.
9. It is absolutely free.


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