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Free automatic social money machine.


Make money automatically.
Read it to make money.

Make money sharing hot contents automatically.

Free automatic social money machine.

Download tools here.

This is a step by step guide to make at lest $1500/month automatically for free for life. Just one time setup spending 1.5-2 hours, no special skills or knowledge required. Even a 15 year child can setup this system. No personal web site required. Everything is freely hosted, you need no money to invest on buying web hosting package, domain name or expensive scripts.

Let's get started without any further bla bla bla.

The method is very simple. We know nearly everybody on this planate is on twitter and loves hot news, that's why they are on twitter (unlike facebook). So if we can share hot news with twitter we can get very good amount of clicks on our shared links. But how to make money sharing links of other sites (because breaking new articles are not ours, they generally belongs to bbc, cnn, msn etc kind of big new sites)?

There is a company called adf.ly (you may have heard of this company) which will give you very good amount of money just to short your news article's links with them and sharing it with others.

How adf.ly works:
people pay to advertise with adf.ly (advertisers) and people who shrink their links with adf.ly get a cut of profit every time someone clicks an adf.ly shortened link. When the adf.ly shortened link is clicked, there will be a 5 second ad shown to the person who clicked the link before they are able to move on to the page they wanted to view. adf.ly pays $2-$7 / 1000 views at an average.

Ok but finding hot news articles, collecting links from the news sites, posting them to twitter, following people on twitter are boring and very time consuming tasks.

And that's why I developed a super free solution that will do all these boring and time consuming tasks automatically 24X7 for you. You just have set it up properly spending nothing but some time to see a good handsome earning automatically while you sleeping.

You may know that US traffics are gold, adf.ly will give you $8 (yes it is) dollars per thousand views.

Our automatic tool is going to find and update only hot spicy breaking US news for you. There are many news category exists like political, sports, celebrity, gossip, technology etc. At any instances of time there are millions of people are searching about hot trending topics on twitter. If we update some hot news we may get well over 20 clicks to a single link from twitter search alone. So no need to follow people and request them to click your links but if you get some follower your clicks will definitely increase.

So what do we need make money automatically?

  1. Time (about 1.5 -2 hours).
  2. An adf.ly account.
  3. Few twitter accounts. At least one twitter account for each category.
  4. A twitterfeed.com account.
  5. A feed URL for each category (below you can find feed generator form). This feed generator tool will automatically short the actual news url with your adf.ly account. Custom rss feed url (feed generator form below).

Let's start building the automated system.

Create an Adf.ly Account.

Head on over to adf.ly, and click the "JOIN NOW" button near the top, fill out all the necessary information. At the bottom of the form, make sure your account type is set to "link shrinker". It is required to sign up only clicking this links here to adf.ly so that I can make some money referring you to adf.ly (that is way I developed this tool).

Grab your adf.ly user id.

Click the referral link in your adf.ly dashboard there you can find a link like https://adf.ly/?id=2210496 the number after the "=" is you user id.

Get an email Account.

To create account on various sites you need an email account, get a gmail.com account if you don't have any.

Create Twitter Accounts.

Create a twitter account for each and every category listed here choosing some good user name related to each category. (categories are: us, world, business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, healths, spotlight ) Here.

You can use a single gmail account to create multiple twitter accounts. You simple add a + and any word behind your name and twitter treats it as a different gmail account. I.e. say your gmail.com account is yourname@gmail.com then you can simply put yourname+something@gmail.com. If this is not working or you need more email accounts you can use any temporary email services. For that search "temporary emails".

Customize your twitter account with avatar photo and bio.

Go to Google image search and get a clip art image (see right side bar) for each category and update your profile image with it. Also write some profile info related to the category.

Create a Twitterfeed.com Account.

We will be using twitterfeed.com to automate the task of posting hot updates to our social networks.

Now generate your custom feed urls for each category putting your adf.ly user id.

Input your adf.ly id here:
i.e https://adf.ly/?id=2210496
(The red portion only).

Register here (If already not have one).
Feed url for US domestic news.
Feed url for US business news.
Feed url for US world news.
Feed url for US science news.
Feed url for US health news.
Feed url for US spotlight news.
Feed url for US entertainment news.
Feed url for US sports news.
Feed url for US technology news.

Add Feed To Twitterfeed.com.

Go back to twitterfeed.com, and create a new feed.
Add whatever you want for the name, and in the "Blog URL or RSS Feed URL" area, copy/paste (add) the URL of the rss feeds generated by our feed generator form above.

On the same screen click the "Advanced Settings" link select Post content include "title only", set updatet frequency "Every 6 hours", post up to "1" and click "Post Link" go to "shorten link through", there is a drop down box beside it, open it up and select "tinyurl.com".

This step is important because people may not click adf.ly links if they know that you will make some money if they click your link. Tinyurl.com will hide your adf.ly links. Click "continue" and go the next page. Authenticate your twitter accounts, and then select one of the accounts to post. Done

Now follow at least 10 active non celebrity people to kick start your money machine (For better results).

Tips: You can use twitter automater softwares like tweetadder3, you can download it from searching scriptmafia.org or filestube.com for free.

Everything is done, now sit relax and wait for the money to come to your paypal account. If you do it carefully the whole process will take just 5 minutes to set up. With twitterfeed.com you can post unlimited feeds to unlimited accounts. You can generate unlimited custom feed URL from our feed generator form.

Important: do not update your accounts more the 4-5 times a day (6 hours each).

Recommended: repeat this method at least 5 times to see some good results.

If you have any suggestion please mail us at info [at] boysofts.com with details. Happy money making.

Here is an estimation how much can you make.

50 twitter account, 4 updates per account, 10 clicks per update, $8 per thousand click.
50X4X20 = 4000 views, 4000/1000X$8 = $32 per day. $32X30 = $960 per month.
Absolutely free and automatic. You may increase your earning creating more twitter accounts.

For any suggestion or project collaboration please contact me at info@boysofts.com.

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