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Download tools here.

Free automatic money making.

Free automatic money making.


What is is a URL shortener service like popular or but it pays you money for shortening and sharing your links.

What this tool does?
With this free tool you can make very good amount of money with automatically without spending time or money for setting up web sites or write contents, upload files etc. Just one time set up spending few minutes using various free services and you are done. Repeat the complete set up as many times as you want to see a good healthy amount of money in your paypal account at the end of the month.

The Game plan.

We know that facebook is the biggest source of free viral traffic today because 100 million people active there and most of them hanging out there for fun, chitchat and gossiping. So if we create some fan pages about celebrities, sports events, gossip or some thing trending or interesting, we can get good amount of like to our fan pages as well as good amount of money from clicks. But the biggest problem is that we can not post links to facebook because facebook has already banned Also is a hugely popular service and many people avoiding it.

Lets get started setting up your free automatic money machine.

Step 1:
To make money with you need an account first. Register an account here. Click "join" to register and account.

Fill up all the fields, use a valid working email id, because you have to verify your email. Now verify your email id going to your email provider’s inbox and click the verification link.

Login to your account.

Step 2:
Click "tools" at the top of the dashboard.

and then click "domains" link at the bottom left.

Now add your custom domain to the system (this step is necessary to post links on facebook) clicking "Create / manage domains".

Here is your custom domain

If after adding the new domain you get a massage saying "This domain is already been added to the system." then regenerate a new domain and try it as long as it says "Domain added! This domain is now available for your account."

Now you got your account and your custom domain.

Step 3:
Log in to your facebook account and create a new fan page about any hot trending celebrity, music events, sports events or anything you think that is on demand and people or you friends going to like it. Now go to Google image search, find a good cover photo and a profile picture for your page then upload those. Write a funny description about your page.

Step 4:
Go to Google alert service at Create a new alert.

In this instance I am using "Justin bieber" as our hot keyword. You may find hot keyword form Google trends. Put your keyword in "search query" field. Select "result type": "everything", "How often": "As-it-happens", "How many": "Only the best results", and importantly "Deliver to": "Feed". Click "Create alert" to finish.

On the next page copy your newly created alert feed URL right clicking the "feed" link beside the yellow feed icon.

Automate your updates.

Step 5:
Automate your facebook or twitter posting with your hot new updates with links shorted with using you custom domain. For that you need a account. Sign up for an account, verify it and login.

Click "Create new feed" at the top of your dashboard.

At the "feed name" box enter anything you think it is suitable for you. At the "blog url or rss feed url" box put the alert feed url you copied in previous section.

Click "advance settings" to set various settings for your update including the URL shortener option which is our main motto. In this section select "Update frequency, check for new posts: to "Every 30 mins", "And post up to": "1", "Post content, include": "title & description". Check the "post link" check box and from the drop down select "custom",

Now open a new note pad and go to your dashboard, click tools-> API documentation from the left hand panel.

Copy the API URL for the box given and paste it to the note pad. Now replace "" after "domain=" with your custom domain you have added in step 2 and "" with "%@" your new API url will look like this

Put this API URL in the custom API box.

Click "Continue to step 2" to authenticate your facebook pages.

On the next page click "facebook" link under "Available services" and authenticate your pages.

Finally click "All done" to setup your auto posting successfully.


Congratulation for your automatic money machine: Now you can repeat this set up as many times as you want, you can create unlimited facebook pages on different subjects to multiple your earnings. If any help required please mail me at

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  1. thanks for sharing interesting post keep it up learnt something new

  2. Dude this has to be one of the most helpful posts i have EVER read!!! and i don't have much of a life so i spend alot of time reading "Ways to make money" type threads and posts. Honestly mate this is PURE GOLD! Thank you for this AWESOME share and i hope to see more.

    Thanks again

    Jade Pearson

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