Saturday, 1 November 2014

Free php automatic torrent search engine directory script.


Free php automatic torrent search directory script.

About the script.

Free php automatic torrent search script. Free php automatic torrent search engine directory (thepiratebay clone) script to start your own auto updated bittorrent listing directory website which is able to search and list millions hot fresh torrents from thousands of categories like software (application), TV show, games, movies, amine, music, eBooks and many other. This fully automated script can generate millions of unique torrent listing pages giving you fresh contents and traffic daily. Users can download over a billion unique torrents for free. Has built in ads module, so just setup and forget to see keep money rolling in. This very light weight script dose not uses any database so that you can install it any where even on free or low powered shared web hosting servers. Very easy to install, upload the script to your server and insert your ads just editing two plain text files to monetize your site with proper ads. Disk caching enabled for lightning fast response. Once your set up is complete it requires no manual efforts or work at all. You can monetize your installation with any kinds of ads. Make money using ppc, intext, CPA, pay per view, pay per download or any kind of ads.
So download and start your own thepiratebay clone bittorrent search directory for free today.

Download it.
All Features:
  • 1. 100% automatic.
  • 2. Seo optimized keyword rich URL, Meta tags (keywords, description) and page generation. Search engines crawler friendly interlinked pages.
  • 3. Easy installation.
  • 4. Inbuilt various ads module for monetization.
  • 5. Auto ping. (Automatically pings your generated pages).
  • 6. Rss feeds - random rss feed to get back links from rss news aggregator directories.
  • 7. Disk based database support, no sql db required.
  • 8. Disk caching.
  • 9. Very lightweight to serve maximum request.
  • 10. Customizable interface.
  • 11. Very user-friendly clear minimal user interface.
  • 12. It is absolutely free.

Installation Support:

Upload the complete zip archive to your web server where you want to host if your web hosting support zip file extraction, or extract the contents of the zip file in any folder in your local computer and upload the whole folder or all the contents in the folder some where to your web server. To upload the files you can use any ftp clients like filezilla or your hosting providers inbuilt file manager.

If you don't have a hosting account you can get it for just one cent here. Or you can get one free clustered web hosting account from facebook, just create a facebook app and choose there free hosting. Don't choose any other free web hosting except or

Simply edit "top_ad.txt" file with the ads code you want to out above the page content and "bottom_ad.txt" for the page bottom ads.

If any help required please mail me at info [at] Mail Me.

Free php automatic torrent search directory script.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Free php flash arcade game site script download.

Create your own flash games website in 10 minutes and earn money from advertising. No database support required (you can host this script anywhere, even on free hosting services that do not provide mySQL support like 110mb).

Appengine compatible: you can host it on Google's app engine free cloud hosting service for free.

Installation Steps:
1- Download the script file and extract it .
2- Open folder and edit the (config.php) file, set your website name and contact email id.
3- Edit (ads468x60.php) and (ads160x600.php) files and add your ad code "ex : adsense code"
4- Upload all the files to you website.
Features: Easy to install.
More than 80,000 flash game included.
No database support required.
Advertising space.
Appengine compatible.

If any help required please mail us at info [at] Mail Us.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Free flash game web site creator tool.

Free flash arcade game archive web site builder/creator/ autoblogger script.

Make your own gaming empire and start making money online absolutely for free. Convert any free hosted Google’s blog to auto updated flash arcade game archive. We all love gaming and want to start our own games websites (but without money) that’s why I made this free script. It does not need any hosting provider (investment) to host your site. Just download the script, create a few free blogs (unlimited blogs/ posting supported), edit the setting files with your details, start posting and monetize your sites with ppc (adsense policy supported) or any kind of ads. You can manually run the script or task schedule it to run it automatically to update all of your blogs with unique seo friendly contents at a regular interval.

There is nothing to install. Download the script archive file; extract it using 7-zip or winrar. Create few blogs with email posting on. Edit "blogger_emails.txt" file with your email posting email ids, one per line (sample file given). Edit "gmail_user_pass.txt" file with your user name and passwords, one per line separated with "|" (sample file give). These gmail accounts will be used to send mails to your blogs. Optionally edit "number_of_posts.txt" file to set number of posts you want to create per blogs per run. Default is 2. If you are advance user you can change the template file with the provided one. Default fixed width templates don’t work fine with games having bigger widths.

If any help required please mail us at info [at] Mail Us.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

DMCA notification.

DMCA notification for scripts and softwares. only distributes digital contents that entirely developed or actively managed (taking permission from its actual developer) by's developers and other associates. Though we use third party libraries and other similar resources that are available with creative commons or gpl or other similar kind of licenses. Still you think any content violating DMCA you can send removal notification at

DMCA notification for adult videos.
If you are here to request removal of adult videos from one of our site then please understand the fact that we do not host any such videos in our main site (here), (P O R N is not our business) the site you are coming from actually is not our site, we developed an adult video script and distributed it for free. Various people are now using it. We took the responsibility to help the original content publishers that’s why you are here. Actually the script is built on's embed codes. The video is actually hosted by, so please notify them. As soon as they remove the content it will be automatically removed from one of our client's site.


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