Tuesday, 14 January 2014

DMCA notification.


DMCA notification for scripts and softwares.
Boysofts.com only distributes digital contents that entirely developed or actively managed (taking permission from its actual developer) by boysofts.com's developers and other associates. Though we use third party libraries and other similar resources that are available with creative commons or gpl or other similar kind of licenses. Still you think any content violating DMCA you can send removal notification at info@boysofts.com.

DMCA notification for adult videos.
If you are here to request removal of adult videos from one of our site then please understand the fact that we do not host any such videos in our main site (here), (P O R N is not our business) the site you are coming from actually is not our site, we developed an adult video script and distributed it for free. Various people are now using it. We took the responsibility to help the original content publishers that’s why you are here. Actually the script is built on xhamster.com's embed codes. The video is actually hosted by xhamster.com, so please notify them. As soon as they remove the content it will be automatically removed from one of our client's site.

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